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After you have completed this web form below by filling in the fields with your info, you need to email it to us by clicking on the submit application button at the bottom.

Once you have done this, you will have completed Step 1 of THREE STEPS required to complete your loan application . The other two steps are sending us a PDF for your purchase and sale agreement and making a $1,000 loan application deposit payment to us via BILL.COM (our secure online payment platform). Steps 1 and 2 you can do now from this page. Step 3 you can do as soon as you receive an email from us containing a request to pay your $1,000 loan application deposit via our BILL.COM platform. You can expect this email within a few hours of your completing steps 1 & 2.

Upon receipt of these three items – 1) your completed web form below 2) your Purchase and Sale Agreement and 3) your $1,000 deposit - Stage Point Capital will contact you by phone to review your loan application and discuss next steps.

Borrower Information
Step 1. Fill Out the Borrower Information and Construction Estimate forms below
(* denotes a required field)
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Deposit Paid on Property:$
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Total Estimated Construction Budget:*
Step 2. Email Us A PDF of the Purchase and Sales Agreement

Email us a PDF of the Purchase and Sale Agreement of your property by clicking on this link below. Attach your Purchase and Sale Agreement to the email and then send it to us (important: we accept the Purchase and Sale Agreement in pdf file format only!):

Email us your Purchase and Sale Agreement (

Step 3. Make Loan Application Deposit

When you have completed the first two steps above, you will then need to make a $1,000 loan application deposit using our secure BILL.COM payment platform. You will only be able to do this from a link contained in an email that we will send to you. Important: we only accept deposits via BILL.COM and until we receive your deposit we cannot initiate our due diligence on the subject property in response to your loan request.