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Our goal is to build an excellent service relationship with every Borrower so that we create loyalty and repeat business. We understand the importance that Borrowers place in receiving quick and reliable funding for projects and in receiving clear information from us as to the costs and obligations relating to a loan. Whether the Borrower’s investment strategy is to sell a property or to hold and rent it, we understand the needs of real estate developers and work as a partner to offer a financing solution.

We do not charge any Borrower interest on construction funds that make up part of a loan until these funds are actually released and used by the Borrower.

Typical applications:

  • Rehab loans for single and multi-family construction
  • Bridge loans
  • Foreclosure purchases
  • Loan size: $40,000 - $400,000
  • Loan term: 6 months - 2 years
  • Loan Payments: Interest only
  • Closing: 2 to 3 weeks

Lending areas:

Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Lending requirements:

  • Commercial loans to LLCs only
  • Loans are made on the After-Repaired Value (ARV) of the property
  • 3-6% of the loan’s face value is charged as an Origination Fee
  • 13-15% annual interest rate; varies from loan to loan
  • Each loan requires a property appraisal, ordered by our firm, with the loan amount that we offer subject to this appraisal

Construction draw requests:

It usually takes us 48 hours to inspect a property after which we fund the request within days.

Loan Terms (PDF)

Do you want to apply for a loan?

If you wish to apply for a loan, we need to receive three items from you:

  1. Information about you
  2. A copy of your Purchase and Sale Agreement for the property for which you are requesting the loan
  3. A $1,000 loan application deposit paid via BILL.COM (our secure online payment platform)

Please note that until we receive this deposit we cannot initiate the appraisal and title search for the property you wish to acquire.

We have made providing these three items easy - just click on the link below and follow the instructions on the form:

Apply for a Loan

Do you already have a loan with us?

If you wish to request a draw against an existing loan or to pay off or extend an existing loan then click on either of these links as appropriate and follow the instructions on the form.